Piqi 0.5.3 release and Piqi-light

This release introduces Piqi-light — a lightweight EBNF-like read-only notation for Piqi data definition language. It provides a compact way of displaying type definitions while omitting all non-significant properties that may be present in the original Piqi specification.

Unlike Piqi language, which is optimized for writing and flexibility, Piqi-light is optimized for readability.

More information about Piqi-light is available in Piqi documentation.

Also, Piqi examples, previously available only in the source code repository, are now uploaded and nicely displayed on the new Examples page. The new Piqi-light syntax for .piqi files is represented there as well.

Release notes:

Added initial support for Piqi-light -- lightweight EBNF-like syntax for Piqi
data definition language.

Piqi tools:

  - New "piqi light" command for printing .piqi in Piqi-light syntax.
  - Improved pretty-printing of .piqi by transforming output Piq AST. Mainly
    affects "piqi expand".
  - Added support for "-o" option to "piqi to-proto", "piqi of-proto" commands.
  - Improved floats reversibility in Piq (unified this part with JSON
    generator). Affects "proto convert -t piq".


  - (ocaml) Simplified generated OCaml type definitions.

Bug fixes:

  - Timely reset location DB to allow garbage collection of objects. Affects
    "piqi convert" and "piqi pp".
  - Fixed several problems with "piqi expand".
  - Fixed printing order for "unknown field" warnings.

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