Table of Contents

1. Source tarballs

Latest Piqi-0.6.13 release:

Development version:

GitHub repository:

2. Binary builds

Pre-built piqi binary executable for the most recent stable Piqi release can be downloaded from these locations:

32-bit Linux (i386)

curl -OL

64-bit Linux (amd64)

curl -OL

Mac OS X/Darwin (amd64)

curl -OL

32-bit Windows

curl -OL

3. OS packages

Currently, we don’t distribute OS packages, but there are easy to use scripts for building deb, rpm and Arch Linux packages for the latest stable Piqi version.

4. Change Log

Piqi Change Log is available here:

5. Other Piqi projects

5.1. Piqi and Piqi-RPC for Erlang

piqi Erlang application:

piqi_rpc Erlang application:

5.2. Piqi for OCaml